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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Greetings, and salutations everybody. Now this post is none like any I have posted before there will be: foreground and structure along with many other things in which may help put this ,across peoples minds, in just the subtle way that I want. Now I ,though am hardly known, know that people now a day's are looking for advice, an escape from an issue in the easiest way possible, I.E. they want to avoid their problem through the knowledge of others now I know this is a dilemma in this day and age because it has happened to be source of most peoples ignorance. Most people may disagree with me and my views, but I stand with them firmly and believe in them exponentially. Why I say this is the biggest source of ignorance presently because, around 30-40 years ago, people learned everything based off trial and error and this gained knowledge and trained your brain, Because your brain is still a muscle and needs to  be worked constantly, making you quite literally gain intellect with rapid growing pace. Why do you think Albert Einstein was so smart? I can tell you right now it's not because he went around asking people how, or what he should do, but he learned by himself there a basis of tests. Now some of you may think "Well Albert Einstein doesn't count he was born that way" or maybe "Albert Einstein was from a completely different day and age there for your statement is completely invalid sir!". But my point most genius' are made not created. If you take an extremely smart dog and breed him with another extremely smart dog and they have a puppy, then you separate parents from child at birth, will that puppy be a genius? No , sure he may take a couple recessive genes and be smarter then some dogs his age but it would take that puppy to learn those skills first to be a genius. I understand that everyone us different no matter how you slice it but it's the difference's that make a bunch of different smart/stupid people. Another point i understand is that although everyone is different they also learn read ,write, eat ,sleep, and teach all at different paces.So no matter how much you think it counts on how much a like people are the ,ignorance will still be there from your self involved pointless topics and meaningless opinions. So i make my point clear and i realize i did travel off topic and into a rant, but my message is the same nobody can teach you correctly but you. It's that simple, You may still be in school and "learn" something from the teacher but in reality the person up there preaching to you is just refreshing your memory or expanding on things you already knew or will know buy working your brain. And finally my last point. It doesn't matter if you listen to me or anybody else about this the best way to enhance your mind is through music. Because thats what really builds your mind and structer of who you are and thats how we, the people, will determine if thats who we or anybody else should be.

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Lethanderlas  McLoachlainn,,,(aka Donal O'Quigly)