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Monday, February 28, 2011


Same here

Parkour at its finest =D
nice tags
Hello Everyone!!!!!! How aare all yalls today?! Really!? Well I dont care! =D....anyways heres another post from SaIIas! (btw last one was from M3rcury, one before that was from D0thak3r). So you ask why the fuck is he posting??? Well its simple its becasue of the indignant art of Graffiti! Its an art a talent and many othe amazing things!!! its also a bomb thing to do when listening to music! What kinda music you ask? well i show ya what kind!!!!Teh Muzik I was talking about !!!! also guys dont be shy i really want you to post after you go here!!! its fun and its always nice to know theres an actual audience and im not just takling to my self...=|...ANYWAYS i am totally down for some graffiti as long as i can get away quike enough and what a better way to do that then to parkour or free run specially from cops +D....ya so loook at the picks admire them then go try some shit maybe nothing big...something like practicing on your dresser then go out and practice your parkour you wont be sorry!!!!! thanks from your friends here at ~ The World Ends With Me

Sunday, February 27, 2011

!Music in the world!

As you all already know i am quite the eccentric and i am proud that i am!! But thats beside the point! because i am an eccentric (and maybe a little crazy) i am involved in a lot of crazy things. things like ,music , parkour ,and extreme sports[etc] So i would like to share my music with the world and help me share yours as i have many people other than my self that help me with this blog and other posts we all enjoy at least one of the many different genres of music~ie We are badasses~ so share your musical tastes with us and we'll share ours with you! and next time you go out looking for music use a music radio  and type in a musician it'll most likely come up with some bomb ass music that you will like....BUT if you are a fan of Justin Bieber or whatever the fuck his name is dont put any recommendations in towards me!!! i only do good music ask for D0thack3r or SaIIaS becasue those two are you say musically apt. Thanx for your time and remember the MISTUBACHI CLAN AING NUTTIN TO FUCK WIT!!!!!!~~ The World Ends With Me

REAL METAL!!!!!!!!!

YouTube - Job For A Cowboy - Knee Deep = EXTREMELY AMAZING METAL~ these guys know how to fuck the mic up with ear popping screams and chilling vocals Job for a Cowboy is where its at!

Dead Prez "REAL" Hip Hop

YouTube - Dead Prez "Hip Hop" an actually decent hiphop/ rap artist. for all of you hip hop lovers out there i highly suggest this to you.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

How the world is.

Hello!!! As this, is my first blog i would like to very much thank you for taking the time to come and read it!!!!! Now this is going to mainly be about me ranting and talking some advice will be given, but most of all i would like to talk about how the f**k we ,THE F**KING WORLD, need to change! +D...Now I know that  was out of the blue but...ITS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY TRUE!!! Now think about this a female weighing 189 is hitting on a super model with slutty dirty trash talk. Well lets say this super model retorts with something completely outrageous and mean. The female then goes home, cries, complains as a "femenon" and then,after being brutally sick of the realization of what the "real world" is like, kills her self. Now it doesn't always happen like this i am just saying this and scenarios like this happen much if not 35% of the time! if thats off ,someone please correct me and ,please comment i would like to hear your opinion! Trust me ,I CAN HANDLE IT!!
Well thank you for your time i hope you'll log on  for some of my other posts and also i will explain my blog's name in later post's thanks for the time =D