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Friday, December 16, 2011

Check this out!!

So every one,  I am here to tell you all how great things are....things are great......Now that that's outta the way lets get down to business. The is this great new forum based rpg out there for those of you who want to check it out it is looks pretty promising, not quite that big yet so get in there while you can! And yes there is more to come! In fact I have just participated in the Star Wars Old Republic Beta the other day and it was quite amazing so if you were looking forward to that then you're in luck cause it is going to be amazing! And in other news I have been messing around with a few older games such as Crono trigger, mega man x and such and i was thinking to my self.... why aren't newer games this fun or this challenging !!?? It is beyond me, but i digress....And for all you Nexon america gamers! Are you tired of  just being left in the dust by korea? Well then help me get some of those features over there! email nexon  and ask for things such as the XE server(Vindictus)  where there are new combo's stats and jumping along with new skills and weapons!!! I mean that has been out in korea for almost a year and a half now i think it's time for us to attain this!! Also things like content and weapons need to come out faster for us as well so if you to would like to join the cause then email nexon or make a ticket concerning new adjustments. Also other games such as maple story, DFO and others have updates that have never come to america before so lets make this happen!! And finally let's talk about anime i just finished a couple that i would like to share with you all
If you are into the more mature/ vulgar anime's Defiantly check out Desert Punk a very good futuristic anime where the world is now one big desert and every one is ruthless merciless and can't be trusted!
A good one for you action goer's is Devil May Cry the anime basically the game in anime form pretty badass
And last but defiantly not least Gurren Lagann A very gritty anime also set in the future about giant robots very sci-fi but is good for any comedy/action/ sci-fi anime lover as well so go ahead an have a good time with that this is D0thack3r signing off.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Im back

Hey people who have seen this bull shit or read it, I am sincerely sorry i was gone so long my damned computer crashed. But anyway, i would like to share about a topic that has been bugging me and some others that live in the united states. I cannot believe the Red Hot Chili Peppers did another album! And it's pretty decent too. Yea just wanted to say that..There really is not much to say this time unfortunately. But here is some recommendations
For all you game designers out there: I recommend rpg maker VX or XP either or because they both have different systems and it's all about preference( For game boy type games or pseudo 3-d games)
For more of a 3-D effect i would recommend Blender or Panda3d i have not had much practice with panda but from what i have seen it's pretty good.

Now for actual gamers i would recommend(out of mmo's)
Vindictus- amazing graphics and battles
for those who like maple story i recommend a g-potato game called Dragonica
i recommend combat arms for people who are looking for a low requirment shooter call of duty type MMO
i recommend Aika to anyone i really like it  i don't know why
Requim Momento Mori is a total gore fest for gothic freaks and is fun as all hell.
And there a ton more out there so search an find the ones that fit you!!!

Thanks for you're time


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Are You Going Postal?

Anger, Confusion, Hatred, Many of these common emotions are misread and misunderstood, So let me help you familiarize your self with such terms. Anger- A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility, Confusion- Impaired orientation with respect to time, place, or person, Hatred- intense animosity or hostility. Why do i bring this up simply because, A book i have been reading. Going Postal by Stephen Jaramillo. A very unique and interesting piece of writing that tests the human Psych of a unsocial psychotic ass hole whom seems very quickly falling into a deep pit of self willow. Now i don't want to turn you off to the book but it is quite a strange little thing with very, who one would say all over the place writing style. I completely suggest this book to people who like books that have a certain distaste for society and also for people who enjoy a bit of thinking because it's gunna take some to completely understand this book. 
A Clock Work Orange Book Form

Movie Form
                                                                            Now for you movie lover's, while were on the topic of society, I would recommend A Clock Work Orange. It is a very intensified movie about the human psych and the response to society. A story that plays out in a lawless England in the 1960's. But for those who prefer to read it is also a novel.
                                                             Though this post was short another will come next week

Sincerely dUbi3 d00


Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello everyone and thank you for logging on for a very short and unimportant (such is all my other posts) edition to my little blog i have here. Now this time it wont be a rant or a story or anything like that but a simple book recommendation. Along with books i will recommend other things too so come on and just strap on in. Now for books i HIGHLY recommend the Ender's Game Saga. Now a lot of young adults do not enjoy this book because they don't understand it but if you do i know for a fact you will at least like it. Enders Game takes place in a futuristic world where, the Earth is run by one big guy or the Hegemon. Now in this universe you are only allotted 2 children because of overpopulation and such so vary rarely is there ever a third, only on special occasions where the government will ask of you will you have a third. Now being the third in the family is almost like a disgrace in this universe and people around you will abuse that fact constantly. So when Ender was born  people were in shock that the military would need a third. Constantly watched by a monitor in there neck the third child would under go mass amounts of tests and such to see if the military wanted them. people who failed the tests simply had the monitor removed and then was to live there normal life afterwards. Also having the monitor made you very gifted, smart, and abnormally strong so you were basically the super human. Now Peter , Enders older brother, constantly picked on Ender but never touched  him in fear the grown ups would find out and get him in trouble so he tortured Ender every day and it was agonizing. But Enders older sister Valentine loved and cared for Ender and hated Peter for messing with him. Ender hated Peter too. but Peter hated Ender as well, hated him for being the third, for being a genius, for being brilliant. Shortly after Ender had gotten the monitor out he thought he was home free. The government didn't need him after all. Until the next day everything changed and i t all started with a knock on the door. So i really hope you guys pick that one up. It sorta has a action thriller theme that really makes you think.
The next book I will tell you about is called 1984  by George Orwell. Now this book is a bout the end of the world. It was written in the 60's and its just a total trippy mind fuck. So yes this was supposed to be based off of the future but now its the past. it has a steam punkish modern day/future feel to it its a really amazing book and i can't really say much  because EVERY THING IS VITAL. revealing anything will ruin the book so just read it for your self you'll enjoy it. 
The next few actually are not books but bands and music.
So for you hip-hop fans, if your tired of the same old stupid shit on the radio then check out Dead Prez and immortal Technique. Bigger then hip -hop by DP and Obnoxious by IT
Punk Rockers out there i know many of you say new punk is dead but check out Star Fucking Hipsters - Immigrants and Hypocrites. And this ones kind of a Ska band but Bomb the Music Industry it ceases to be whining if your still shitting blood.
...Sorry i got nothing.
Tool, pucifer, a perfect circle  all good bands with the same lead singer any song will do
Party music
Skrillex- kill everybody
Bare Noize-kill everybody 
AaA-swallow and i spit
BelzeBass- Duality remix
most of this is dubstep by the way

Next would be movies
A Clock work orange
Inspirational smart movie...but you must have a Strong stomach for some graphic scenes (Rape scenes about 2 or 3 but other wise good).
Kick Ass
Just an overall amazing ass movie with lots of blood and a good story
Scott pilgrim VS the World
Now i personally enjoy this one because i read the comics before i watched the movie and the difference isn't bad its actually interesting
The count of Monte Cristo
A very good movie if your looking for adventure around  the world in the revolution era
By far one of the most stupid childish movies ever... But if your into that humor you'll love this movie made by the creators of south park and starring them too.

Alright thank you for your time and log in for the next one. 
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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Greetings, and salutations everybody. Now this post is none like any I have posted before there will be: foreground and structure along with many other things in which may help put this ,across peoples minds, in just the subtle way that I want. Now I ,though am hardly known, know that people now a day's are looking for advice, an escape from an issue in the easiest way possible, I.E. they want to avoid their problem through the knowledge of others now I know this is a dilemma in this day and age because it has happened to be source of most peoples ignorance. Most people may disagree with me and my views, but I stand with them firmly and believe in them exponentially. Why I say this is the biggest source of ignorance presently because, around 30-40 years ago, people learned everything based off trial and error and this gained knowledge and trained your brain, Because your brain is still a muscle and needs to  be worked constantly, making you quite literally gain intellect with rapid growing pace. Why do you think Albert Einstein was so smart? I can tell you right now it's not because he went around asking people how, or what he should do, but he learned by himself there a basis of tests. Now some of you may think "Well Albert Einstein doesn't count he was born that way" or maybe "Albert Einstein was from a completely different day and age there for your statement is completely invalid sir!". But my point most genius' are made not created. If you take an extremely smart dog and breed him with another extremely smart dog and they have a puppy, then you separate parents from child at birth, will that puppy be a genius? No , sure he may take a couple recessive genes and be smarter then some dogs his age but it would take that puppy to learn those skills first to be a genius. I understand that everyone us different no matter how you slice it but it's the difference's that make a bunch of different smart/stupid people. Another point i understand is that although everyone is different they also learn read ,write, eat ,sleep, and teach all at different paces.So no matter how much you think it counts on how much a like people are the ,ignorance will still be there from your self involved pointless topics and meaningless opinions. So i make my point clear and i realize i did travel off topic and into a rant, but my message is the same nobody can teach you correctly but you. It's that simple, You may still be in school and "learn" something from the teacher but in reality the person up there preaching to you is just refreshing your memory or expanding on things you already knew or will know buy working your brain. And finally my last point. It doesn't matter if you listen to me or anybody else about this the best way to enhance your mind is through music. Because thats what really builds your mind and structer of who you are and thats how we, the people, will determine if thats who we or anybody else should be.

Thank you for your' time and please comment

Lethanderlas  McLoachlainn,,,(aka Donal O'Quigly)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Card Games

So I was in a card shop the other day and i thought to myself...why the fuck are there Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards here? Well I asked the guy at the counter and his response was "Because there both rich playability wise and have great artwork, plus do you have any idea how many poke fags are out there now a days it's insane! But Yu-Gi-Oh's better!"...Now i would have been okay with this if it had not been for 3 factors. 1.) This person behind the counter was being completely serious and was as it looked 35 (2). This card shop was only a 16 year old and older card shop...The fact that so many "poke fags" were out there this age is disappointing (3.) This was the most popular card shop in my town BECAUSE of it's 16 year public has not undergone puberty just as Justin Beiber has not undergone the process of removing his balls from his prostate as you are suppose to with deformed baby's when they come out. And i know this is not one of my reasons BUT, the dude was also playing the Yu-Gi-Oh theme song...Now i was just about to bitch slap this hoe but i needed Magic Cards because they are the only respectable cards that  are playable now a days without shame. And this is where I get really mad!
He refused to sell me my fucking Magic cards without me admitting that Yu-Gi-Oh was better then Magic the Gathering, Now I will inform you know that I have no business there any more and never will fore i helped my friend rob he shit out of it! And now it is the least wanted card shop in San Juan County because of me and My Magic playing squatter friend. So the morale of the story is are there other people in the world other then him that really think that it's okay to do this at 30? Because if so then please tell me so i can fucking Bitch slap the fuck outta them until the sense is knocked into him! So i say post your comments tell me what you think and if what i did was right.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


If any of you out there are into MMO's but can't afford WOW i highly suggest Vindictus! It is not only but then WOW but has better graphics and amazing game play! Not as free roam though but it's getting there plus theres a lot more customization!! So if you are looking for a quality MMO I say try it out it cost less spects then WOW so ya check it out when you get the chance

Video Games

Hello! Today the topic as you can see is video games! So why am i talking about this and what do i mean  "video games"? I am talking about , Good video games ,Bad video games, and just plain ridiculous ones too.Because it has come to mine and my colleagues attention that things ,that look good , just aren't as good as they used to be.For example take Prince of Persia. When it came out for PS2 every one was in a tizzy over it and then warrior within came out even more so, were people wanting to play this amazing series and a couple more came out with the series and then,...BAM Ubisoft had to reboot (thats another thing thing i am going to go over)  And what came out of this reboot was a disguising ass plat former nothing storyline wise to the actual Prince of Persia. And sure it was fun at first but it's slow pace and lack of action made it a boring game fast! This is not the only game that this has happened to either!!!! Have you seen the ads for the new Devil May Cry reboot? It looks awful! Dante looks as though he where a drug addict and is very, very feminine looking! The game play doesn't look that bad but Jesus Christ!!! What the hell were you guys thinking??? I mean what ever crossed CAPCOMs' mind while they were making this game is beyond me because i personally think that without the whole ima bad ass with white hair and aint nobody gunna tell me whatta do gimmick, Devil May Cry is completely lost! Now there are good games that have come out with bad aspects to them and bad games that have come out that have good aspects to them lately and personally i think thats really cool because its unique! This may have been a couple years ago but do you guys remember a game that Square Enix came out with in 2008? It was called The World Ends with You. The latest completely amazing game with a good story line game play is smooth and beautiful and it has an actual meaning and morale that you can easily depict and point out there is no bull shit, hidden and elusive you gotta find me, type morale. Now i am not saying that Square Enix is completely gone i am just saying that they are ruining there selves! Now many of you may find this blasphemous because you are all die hard Final Fantasy fans but...14 failed for a reason...and 13 i just don't understand the fucking hype with that i mean Holy FUCK!!! I have never seen a more hipster ass mother fucking Final Fantasy ever!!! Plus i think it had a bad story line and a horrible battle system!! I played for 2 strait hours and i couldn't get my head around any of it because it was just stupid! Now people may debate that you are being too critical and just flip on me but thats fine i am a big boy i can handle it!!!! Now what i find interesting is that EA is just racking up the points with people as they dazzle us with really good and interesting games! Now Dragon Age had it's faults but overall amazing game if you're into that sorta stuff. Then Dragon Age 2 came out...blows the first out of the water in many aspects but not all....As i have not finished the game i cannot decide story lines quite yet, but i do not like how in dragon age 2 you are so limited to weapons and armor. Not only that but i was pissed to find out that you cannot actually summon demonic dragon arms as it is shown in the Destiny's trailer! I am glad though on how they did graphics and how smooth everything is especially because in the first one a lot of armors just looked stupid and people were a bit clunky they fixed that in this one! Now if you want a good EA thriller game the entire Dead space set is for you! Its is scary as piss! The second one especially!!!! But i personally cannot wait for Mass Effect and Dragon Age 3 and Reckoning!!!! Those three are at the top of my interest pique right now! Now i also am happy to announce Zone Of The Enders 3 was announced by Konami a little while ago and i was a big fan of the first and second so this one best be good! But i am a personal BIG FAN of the .Dot Hack// series and i really hope that they release the PSP .Dot Hack// in America because i don't think it looks that great but i am a die hard .Dot Hack// fan but not to the extreme like some people i know with final fantasy... Now i know that i am probably the only person on the planet who thinks this but! I think that Call Of Duty has just gotten plane ridiculous especially with black ops. I think they shouldn't have come out  with it at all and i think they might as well have had Call of Duty future ops because that is just about as equally stupid as Black ops because i hit halfway to prestige and quite because i was just doing the same thing over and over and over again!! Now i have ranted for a little while let me hear you'r guy's rants i mean i love to hear them and i would like to respond to them so if you guys would be so kind as to comment thank you.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Social Networking

And hello everyone! Thanks for reading another post from The World Ends With You! So without further adeux  i would like to get to the topic for today, which happens to be the fucking hell that we call social networking!!

Now don't get me wrong i love face book and Myspace ,just as much as the next 13 year old girl,...BUT SERIOUSLY!!?? I don't get what all the hype is all about especially because i have people who just make no sense and people expect them to understand what they were saying! well i believe if you wanted to stay in touch then why not just text or call them? I mean people are relaying on these websites more than the recourses' around them and it's full out ridiculous! Especially because it's easier for a /b/tard to take all your information from Facebook then to trace a text message pinpoint its location then get your info, because at least with the text it can take up to years to find and at that point there's really no meaning in tracking it any more. Where tracking a Facebook account and taking info from the computer posting from that account can take up to a couple minutes! So it is not only much safer to use regular calls ,just texting seems easier too, it is also so much more courteous! And some of you long time Facebooker's or maybe even you tweeter's or Myspace dwellers may have a few points that go against mine that is what i am looking for!!!! I just want to get out the opinion of the people onto the internet and make that eternal. So if you have any comments or concerns please comment and tell me

 We are one we make us The World Ends With Me

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi again errybody!!! So i just went to go see that movie sucker punch yesterday. I wish i could tell you how it was but i kinda started feeling bad in the movie theater due to me eating an stoner brownie like an hour and a half before going to the movies...It sucked my body completely rejected the THC and that made a bad trip strait up cotton mouth and i was like a Scoody Doo character in the sense that everything looked animated!!!! And rubber!!!! Well to be more precise things started out pretty cool burning sensation in my legs then lightheaded-ness ... then the weird part comes.....I FUCKING HAVE NO DEPTH PERCEPTION!! it sucked big monkey tits and it was like a /b/ tards dream (as we all know that /b/rothers are just unshaven dwarfs whom are grotesque and a little shady)  fore i was like the whitest Shaq ever!!!! but watching the movie made me sick and turn green.....weeelllll i went to the bathroom after a little run in with cotton mouth and well every thing was like a stretchy Scoobie Doo trip to me and every thing was plastic....I was freaking out at the time but know that i think about it i should've enjoyed it while it lasted! But i started throwing the fuck up and i just couldn't control my self
mien friend whom i was with says im a pussy for throwing up over my first time with any drugs at all plus the bad    smelling potency it had. So i crashed at about ten.....AND finally to top it all off i was listening to dubstep while i was sleeping and that lead to stoner lucid dreaming which was pretty awesome but i freaked out again.. And this is all because i took a butter scotch brownie from a sketchy(and very stupid) source so the message i give to all of you stoner fags out there make sures you are getting shit from a reliable source! Thanks for letting me waste your time

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My posts

Hello! I know that me and my colleagues have not been posting as regularly as i would have hoped...But in any case im going to try and post more, i mean i can't let the 11 people who read this down =D Never the less i would like to know any fun thing you guys are doing sooon and the coolest one gets an entire blog post especially for them =3 so let it BEGIN!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Been a While

Hello again errybody!!!! So i was working on a little Asian girl the other day and guess what??? SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT FOREPLAY WAS!!!!!!!!! It was a little disturbing to me so i was trying to teach her and then it came to me....maybe there are some people in the world that really don't know how to participate in foreplay! So for all those people who stumble upon this i hope that this will help because's quite sad when you're going down and she's wondering what the fuck you doing....

1- Talk And Tease

During foreplay, the power of suggestion (especially with some dirty talk) can be as great as the sex itself for many women. If you can describe how you want to touch her, where, and with which of your body parts, she'll visualize it easily and eagerly. And if you know how to have sex with her brain (it is a major sexual organ), you can bet that she'll be begging you to have sex with the rest of her in due time.

If you need to touch her while you dirty talk her during foreplay, avoid touching her breasts and vagina. Instead, focus your mouth and hands on her neck, wrists, inner thighs, lower back, and ears.

2- Get Started In Public

Foreplay doesn't need to be restricted to the bedroom or inside four walls. If you and your girlfriend don't start crying at the thought of public displays of affection (PDA), try doing some fun things out in the open. And by fun things, I mean such things as rubbing her breasts or respectfully patting her ass in a restaurant,kissing her passionately while having drinks at a bar or dirty dancing at a nightclub. Make an effort to turn her on wherever you are.

If you show her that she turns you on via PDA, when you finally do find yourselves in a private situation, the good times will lead to some carnal indulgences.

3- Strip Down

Strip shows aren't just for men anymore; women have gotten wise to the idea of having men perform a peel dance for them. While I don't suggest you dance for her as you take off your socks or install a pole in your bedroom, I do recommend that you remove your clothes slowly (especially if you're fit). Remove your socks before you do anything; they're awkward and nothing turns a woman off faster than seeing a naked man with his socks on. Now that you're set to go, start by removing your shirt (unbutton it slowly while maintaining eye contact), then your pants, and finally your underwear.

At this point, undress her just as slowly. Sit her down and remove her clothing in the same order you removed yours.

4- Use Your Fingers And Give Her Oral Pleasure

Once again, I have to say that every woman is different and, therefore, every woman likes to be touched differently. However, the same techniques that you hopefully used in high school are still effective in the majority of women. Bring your hand to her vaginal area and, with the tips of your fingers, rub her outer lips (labia majora) by spreading them apart and bringing them back together; that should start the lubrication process.

When she spreads her legs a bit, that's a clear indication that she wants you to touch her a little deeper. At this point, you can start lightly rubbing her inner lips (labia minora), and then move up to her clitoris, which you should rub in a circular motion. Some women like their clitoris to be touched gently, while others prefer a more vigorous contact; read your girlfriend's body language for a sign of what you should do.

After a few minutes, bring your mouth to the area and, while you continue to use your fingers to play around inside her, suckle her clitoris to give her some great oral pleasure.

5- Watch Some Sex And Kiss Her

Porn can be a great way to get you and your girl in the mood, provided that your girlfriend is the type who enjoys adult entertainment. Put on something that both of you can enjoy (preferably other couples having sex and something tailored to women), and lay naked with each other while you watch it. Remember that an "accidental" caress here and there is perfectly acceptable, even preferable.

Every now and then, stop watching the movie and kiss her or play with her body. Make sure to pay more attention to her than you do to the movie. As well, if you see something kinky that you'd like to try, make a comment about it and gauge her response, which will give you an indication of whether or not she's game. The idea here is to get her imagination going.

Foreplay Formation

And there it is. Five easy ways to drive your girl insane with foreplay. Of course, you don't have to do them all in one day. Keep things lively, fun and erotic, and she'll be incorrigible. One last time: Every woman is different and if you're attentive, you should be a success.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Same here

Parkour at its finest =D
nice tags
Hello Everyone!!!!!! How aare all yalls today?! Really!? Well I dont care! =D....anyways heres another post from SaIIas! (btw last one was from M3rcury, one before that was from D0thak3r). So you ask why the fuck is he posting??? Well its simple its becasue of the indignant art of Graffiti! Its an art a talent and many othe amazing things!!! its also a bomb thing to do when listening to music! What kinda music you ask? well i show ya what kind!!!!Teh Muzik I was talking about !!!! also guys dont be shy i really want you to post after you go here!!! its fun and its always nice to know theres an actual audience and im not just takling to my self...=|...ANYWAYS i am totally down for some graffiti as long as i can get away quike enough and what a better way to do that then to parkour or free run specially from cops +D....ya so loook at the picks admire them then go try some shit maybe nothing big...something like practicing on your dresser then go out and practice your parkour you wont be sorry!!!!! thanks from your friends here at ~ The World Ends With Me

Sunday, February 27, 2011

!Music in the world!

As you all already know i am quite the eccentric and i am proud that i am!! But thats beside the point! because i am an eccentric (and maybe a little crazy) i am involved in a lot of crazy things. things like ,music , parkour ,and extreme sports[etc] So i would like to share my music with the world and help me share yours as i have many people other than my self that help me with this blog and other posts we all enjoy at least one of the many different genres of music~ie We are badasses~ so share your musical tastes with us and we'll share ours with you! and next time you go out looking for music use a music radio  and type in a musician it'll most likely come up with some bomb ass music that you will like....BUT if you are a fan of Justin Bieber or whatever the fuck his name is dont put any recommendations in towards me!!! i only do good music ask for D0thack3r or SaIIaS becasue those two are you say musically apt. Thanx for your time and remember the MISTUBACHI CLAN AING NUTTIN TO FUCK WIT!!!!!!~~ The World Ends With Me

REAL METAL!!!!!!!!!

YouTube - Job For A Cowboy - Knee Deep = EXTREMELY AMAZING METAL~ these guys know how to fuck the mic up with ear popping screams and chilling vocals Job for a Cowboy is where its at!

Dead Prez "REAL" Hip Hop

YouTube - Dead Prez "Hip Hop" an actually decent hiphop/ rap artist. for all of you hip hop lovers out there i highly suggest this to you.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

How the world is.

Hello!!! As this, is my first blog i would like to very much thank you for taking the time to come and read it!!!!! Now this is going to mainly be about me ranting and talking some advice will be given, but most of all i would like to talk about how the f**k we ,THE F**KING WORLD, need to change! +D...Now I know that  was out of the blue but...ITS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY TRUE!!! Now think about this a female weighing 189 is hitting on a super model with slutty dirty trash talk. Well lets say this super model retorts with something completely outrageous and mean. The female then goes home, cries, complains as a "femenon" and then,after being brutally sick of the realization of what the "real world" is like, kills her self. Now it doesn't always happen like this i am just saying this and scenarios like this happen much if not 35% of the time! if thats off ,someone please correct me and ,please comment i would like to hear your opinion! Trust me ,I CAN HANDLE IT!!
Well thank you for your time i hope you'll log on  for some of my other posts and also i will explain my blog's name in later post's thanks for the time =D