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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Im back

Hey people who have seen this bull shit or read it, I am sincerely sorry i was gone so long my damned computer crashed. But anyway, i would like to share about a topic that has been bugging me and some others that live in the united states. I cannot believe the Red Hot Chili Peppers did another album! And it's pretty decent too. Yea just wanted to say that..There really is not much to say this time unfortunately. But here is some recommendations
For all you game designers out there: I recommend rpg maker VX or XP either or because they both have different systems and it's all about preference( For game boy type games or pseudo 3-d games)
For more of a 3-D effect i would recommend Blender or Panda3d i have not had much practice with panda but from what i have seen it's pretty good.

Now for actual gamers i would recommend(out of mmo's)
Vindictus- amazing graphics and battles
for those who like maple story i recommend a g-potato game called Dragonica
i recommend combat arms for people who are looking for a low requirment shooter call of duty type MMO
i recommend Aika to anyone i really like it  i don't know why
Requim Momento Mori is a total gore fest for gothic freaks and is fun as all hell.
And there a ton more out there so search an find the ones that fit you!!!

Thanks for you're time