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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello everyone and thank you for logging on for a very short and unimportant (such is all my other posts) edition to my little blog i have here. Now this time it wont be a rant or a story or anything like that but a simple book recommendation. Along with books i will recommend other things too so come on and just strap on in. Now for books i HIGHLY recommend the Ender's Game Saga. Now a lot of young adults do not enjoy this book because they don't understand it but if you do i know for a fact you will at least like it. Enders Game takes place in a futuristic world where, the Earth is run by one big guy or the Hegemon. Now in this universe you are only allotted 2 children because of overpopulation and such so vary rarely is there ever a third, only on special occasions where the government will ask of you will you have a third. Now being the third in the family is almost like a disgrace in this universe and people around you will abuse that fact constantly. So when Ender was born  people were in shock that the military would need a third. Constantly watched by a monitor in there neck the third child would under go mass amounts of tests and such to see if the military wanted them. people who failed the tests simply had the monitor removed and then was to live there normal life afterwards. Also having the monitor made you very gifted, smart, and abnormally strong so you were basically the super human. Now Peter , Enders older brother, constantly picked on Ender but never touched  him in fear the grown ups would find out and get him in trouble so he tortured Ender every day and it was agonizing. But Enders older sister Valentine loved and cared for Ender and hated Peter for messing with him. Ender hated Peter too. but Peter hated Ender as well, hated him for being the third, for being a genius, for being brilliant. Shortly after Ender had gotten the monitor out he thought he was home free. The government didn't need him after all. Until the next day everything changed and i t all started with a knock on the door. So i really hope you guys pick that one up. It sorta has a action thriller theme that really makes you think.
The next book I will tell you about is called 1984  by George Orwell. Now this book is a bout the end of the world. It was written in the 60's and its just a total trippy mind fuck. So yes this was supposed to be based off of the future but now its the past. it has a steam punkish modern day/future feel to it its a really amazing book and i can't really say much  because EVERY THING IS VITAL. revealing anything will ruin the book so just read it for your self you'll enjoy it. 
The next few actually are not books but bands and music.
So for you hip-hop fans, if your tired of the same old stupid shit on the radio then check out Dead Prez and immortal Technique. Bigger then hip -hop by DP and Obnoxious by IT
Punk Rockers out there i know many of you say new punk is dead but check out Star Fucking Hipsters - Immigrants and Hypocrites. And this ones kind of a Ska band but Bomb the Music Industry it ceases to be whining if your still shitting blood.
...Sorry i got nothing.
Tool, pucifer, a perfect circle  all good bands with the same lead singer any song will do
Party music
Skrillex- kill everybody
Bare Noize-kill everybody 
AaA-swallow and i spit
BelzeBass- Duality remix
most of this is dubstep by the way

Next would be movies
A Clock work orange
Inspirational smart movie...but you must have a Strong stomach for some graphic scenes (Rape scenes about 2 or 3 but other wise good).
Kick Ass
Just an overall amazing ass movie with lots of blood and a good story
Scott pilgrim VS the World
Now i personally enjoy this one because i read the comics before i watched the movie and the difference isn't bad its actually interesting
The count of Monte Cristo
A very good movie if your looking for adventure around  the world in the revolution era
By far one of the most stupid childish movies ever... But if your into that humor you'll love this movie made by the creators of south park and starring them too.

Alright thank you for your time and log in for the next one. 
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