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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Social Networking

And hello everyone! Thanks for reading another post from The World Ends With You! So without further adeux  i would like to get to the topic for today, which happens to be the fucking hell that we call social networking!!

Now don't get me wrong i love face book and Myspace ,just as much as the next 13 year old girl,...BUT SERIOUSLY!!?? I don't get what all the hype is all about especially because i have people who just make no sense and people expect them to understand what they were saying! well i believe if you wanted to stay in touch then why not just text or call them? I mean people are relaying on these websites more than the recourses' around them and it's full out ridiculous! Especially because it's easier for a /b/tard to take all your information from Facebook then to trace a text message pinpoint its location then get your info, because at least with the text it can take up to years to find and at that point there's really no meaning in tracking it any more. Where tracking a Facebook account and taking info from the computer posting from that account can take up to a couple minutes! So it is not only much safer to use regular calls ,just texting seems easier too, it is also so much more courteous! And some of you long time Facebooker's or maybe even you tweeter's or Myspace dwellers may have a few points that go against mine that is what i am looking for!!!! I just want to get out the opinion of the people onto the internet and make that eternal. So if you have any comments or concerns please comment and tell me

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi again errybody!!! So i just went to go see that movie sucker punch yesterday. I wish i could tell you how it was but i kinda started feeling bad in the movie theater due to me eating an stoner brownie like an hour and a half before going to the movies...It sucked my body completely rejected the THC and that made a bad trip strait up cotton mouth and i was like a Scoody Doo character in the sense that everything looked animated!!!! And rubber!!!! Well to be more precise things started out pretty cool burning sensation in my legs then lightheaded-ness ... then the weird part comes.....I FUCKING HAVE NO DEPTH PERCEPTION!! it sucked big monkey tits and it was like a /b/ tards dream (as we all know that /b/rothers are just unshaven dwarfs whom are grotesque and a little shady)  fore i was like the whitest Shaq ever!!!! but watching the movie made me sick and turn green.....weeelllll i went to the bathroom after a little run in with cotton mouth and well every thing was like a stretchy Scoobie Doo trip to me and every thing was plastic....I was freaking out at the time but know that i think about it i should've enjoyed it while it lasted! But i started throwing the fuck up and i just couldn't control my self
mien friend whom i was with says im a pussy for throwing up over my first time with any drugs at all plus the bad    smelling potency it had. So i crashed at about ten.....AND finally to top it all off i was listening to dubstep while i was sleeping and that lead to stoner lucid dreaming which was pretty awesome but i freaked out again.. And this is all because i took a butter scotch brownie from a sketchy(and very stupid) source so the message i give to all of you stoner fags out there make sures you are getting shit from a reliable source! Thanks for letting me waste your time

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My posts

Hello! I know that me and my colleagues have not been posting as regularly as i would have hoped...But in any case im going to try and post more, i mean i can't let the 11 people who read this down =D Never the less i would like to know any fun thing you guys are doing sooon and the coolest one gets an entire blog post especially for them =3 so let it BEGIN!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Been a While

Hello again errybody!!!! So i was working on a little Asian girl the other day and guess what??? SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT FOREPLAY WAS!!!!!!!!! It was a little disturbing to me so i was trying to teach her and then it came to me....maybe there are some people in the world that really don't know how to participate in foreplay! So for all those people who stumble upon this i hope that this will help because's quite sad when you're going down and she's wondering what the fuck you doing....

1- Talk And Tease

During foreplay, the power of suggestion (especially with some dirty talk) can be as great as the sex itself for many women. If you can describe how you want to touch her, where, and with which of your body parts, she'll visualize it easily and eagerly. And if you know how to have sex with her brain (it is a major sexual organ), you can bet that she'll be begging you to have sex with the rest of her in due time.

If you need to touch her while you dirty talk her during foreplay, avoid touching her breasts and vagina. Instead, focus your mouth and hands on her neck, wrists, inner thighs, lower back, and ears.

2- Get Started In Public

Foreplay doesn't need to be restricted to the bedroom or inside four walls. If you and your girlfriend don't start crying at the thought of public displays of affection (PDA), try doing some fun things out in the open. And by fun things, I mean such things as rubbing her breasts or respectfully patting her ass in a restaurant,kissing her passionately while having drinks at a bar or dirty dancing at a nightclub. Make an effort to turn her on wherever you are.

If you show her that she turns you on via PDA, when you finally do find yourselves in a private situation, the good times will lead to some carnal indulgences.

3- Strip Down

Strip shows aren't just for men anymore; women have gotten wise to the idea of having men perform a peel dance for them. While I don't suggest you dance for her as you take off your socks or install a pole in your bedroom, I do recommend that you remove your clothes slowly (especially if you're fit). Remove your socks before you do anything; they're awkward and nothing turns a woman off faster than seeing a naked man with his socks on. Now that you're set to go, start by removing your shirt (unbutton it slowly while maintaining eye contact), then your pants, and finally your underwear.

At this point, undress her just as slowly. Sit her down and remove her clothing in the same order you removed yours.

4- Use Your Fingers And Give Her Oral Pleasure

Once again, I have to say that every woman is different and, therefore, every woman likes to be touched differently. However, the same techniques that you hopefully used in high school are still effective in the majority of women. Bring your hand to her vaginal area and, with the tips of your fingers, rub her outer lips (labia majora) by spreading them apart and bringing them back together; that should start the lubrication process.

When she spreads her legs a bit, that's a clear indication that she wants you to touch her a little deeper. At this point, you can start lightly rubbing her inner lips (labia minora), and then move up to her clitoris, which you should rub in a circular motion. Some women like their clitoris to be touched gently, while others prefer a more vigorous contact; read your girlfriend's body language for a sign of what you should do.

After a few minutes, bring your mouth to the area and, while you continue to use your fingers to play around inside her, suckle her clitoris to give her some great oral pleasure.

5- Watch Some Sex And Kiss Her

Porn can be a great way to get you and your girl in the mood, provided that your girlfriend is the type who enjoys adult entertainment. Put on something that both of you can enjoy (preferably other couples having sex and something tailored to women), and lay naked with each other while you watch it. Remember that an "accidental" caress here and there is perfectly acceptable, even preferable.

Every now and then, stop watching the movie and kiss her or play with her body. Make sure to pay more attention to her than you do to the movie. As well, if you see something kinky that you'd like to try, make a comment about it and gauge her response, which will give you an indication of whether or not she's game. The idea here is to get her imagination going.

Foreplay Formation

And there it is. Five easy ways to drive your girl insane with foreplay. Of course, you don't have to do them all in one day. Keep things lively, fun and erotic, and she'll be incorrigible. One last time: Every woman is different and if you're attentive, you should be a success.