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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi again errybody!!! So i just went to go see that movie sucker punch yesterday. I wish i could tell you how it was but i kinda started feeling bad in the movie theater due to me eating an stoner brownie like an hour and a half before going to the movies...It sucked my body completely rejected the THC and that made a bad trip strait up cotton mouth and i was like a Scoody Doo character in the sense that everything looked animated!!!! And rubber!!!! Well to be more precise things started out pretty cool burning sensation in my legs then lightheaded-ness ... then the weird part comes.....I FUCKING HAVE NO DEPTH PERCEPTION!! it sucked big monkey tits and it was like a /b/ tards dream (as we all know that /b/rothers are just unshaven dwarfs whom are grotesque and a little shady)  fore i was like the whitest Shaq ever!!!! but watching the movie made me sick and turn green.....weeelllll i went to the bathroom after a little run in with cotton mouth and well every thing was like a stretchy Scoobie Doo trip to me and every thing was plastic....I was freaking out at the time but know that i think about it i should've enjoyed it while it lasted! But i started throwing the fuck up and i just couldn't control my self
mien friend whom i was with says im a pussy for throwing up over my first time with any drugs at all plus the bad    smelling potency it had. So i crashed at about ten.....AND finally to top it all off i was listening to dubstep while i was sleeping and that lead to stoner lucid dreaming which was pretty awesome but i freaked out again.. And this is all because i took a butter scotch brownie from a sketchy(and very stupid) source so the message i give to all of you stoner fags out there make sures you are getting shit from a reliable source! Thanks for letting me waste your time

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