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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Card Games

So I was in a card shop the other day and i thought to myself...why the fuck are there Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards here? Well I asked the guy at the counter and his response was "Because there both rich playability wise and have great artwork, plus do you have any idea how many poke fags are out there now a days it's insane! But Yu-Gi-Oh's better!"...Now i would have been okay with this if it had not been for 3 factors. 1.) This person behind the counter was being completely serious and was as it looked 35 (2). This card shop was only a 16 year old and older card shop...The fact that so many "poke fags" were out there this age is disappointing (3.) This was the most popular card shop in my town BECAUSE of it's 16 year public has not undergone puberty just as Justin Beiber has not undergone the process of removing his balls from his prostate as you are suppose to with deformed baby's when they come out. And i know this is not one of my reasons BUT, the dude was also playing the Yu-Gi-Oh theme song...Now i was just about to bitch slap this hoe but i needed Magic Cards because they are the only respectable cards that  are playable now a days without shame. And this is where I get really mad!
He refused to sell me my fucking Magic cards without me admitting that Yu-Gi-Oh was better then Magic the Gathering, Now I will inform you know that I have no business there any more and never will fore i helped my friend rob he shit out of it! And now it is the least wanted card shop in San Juan County because of me and My Magic playing squatter friend. So the morale of the story is are there other people in the world other then him that really think that it's okay to do this at 30? Because if so then please tell me so i can fucking Bitch slap the fuck outta them until the sense is knocked into him! So i say post your comments tell me what you think and if what i did was right.

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