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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Are You Going Postal?

Anger, Confusion, Hatred, Many of these common emotions are misread and misunderstood, So let me help you familiarize your self with such terms. Anger- A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility, Confusion- Impaired orientation with respect to time, place, or person, Hatred- intense animosity or hostility. Why do i bring this up simply because, A book i have been reading. Going Postal by Stephen Jaramillo. A very unique and interesting piece of writing that tests the human Psych of a unsocial psychotic ass hole whom seems very quickly falling into a deep pit of self willow. Now i don't want to turn you off to the book but it is quite a strange little thing with very, who one would say all over the place writing style. I completely suggest this book to people who like books that have a certain distaste for society and also for people who enjoy a bit of thinking because it's gunna take some to completely understand this book. 
A Clock Work Orange Book Form

Movie Form
                                                                            Now for you movie lover's, while were on the topic of society, I would recommend A Clock Work Orange. It is a very intensified movie about the human psych and the response to society. A story that plays out in a lawless England in the 1960's. But for those who prefer to read it is also a novel.
                                                             Though this post was short another will come next week

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