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Friday, December 16, 2011

Check this out!!

So every one,  I am here to tell you all how great things are....things are great......Now that that's outta the way lets get down to business. The is this great new forum based rpg out there for those of you who want to check it out it is looks pretty promising, not quite that big yet so get in there while you can! And yes there is more to come! In fact I have just participated in the Star Wars Old Republic Beta the other day and it was quite amazing so if you were looking forward to that then you're in luck cause it is going to be amazing! And in other news I have been messing around with a few older games such as Crono trigger, mega man x and such and i was thinking to my self.... why aren't newer games this fun or this challenging !!?? It is beyond me, but i digress....And for all you Nexon america gamers! Are you tired of  just being left in the dust by korea? Well then help me get some of those features over there! email nexon  and ask for things such as the XE server(Vindictus)  where there are new combo's stats and jumping along with new skills and weapons!!! I mean that has been out in korea for almost a year and a half now i think it's time for us to attain this!! Also things like content and weapons need to come out faster for us as well so if you to would like to join the cause then email nexon or make a ticket concerning new adjustments. Also other games such as maple story, DFO and others have updates that have never come to america before so lets make this happen!! And finally let's talk about anime i just finished a couple that i would like to share with you all
If you are into the more mature/ vulgar anime's Defiantly check out Desert Punk a very good futuristic anime where the world is now one big desert and every one is ruthless merciless and can't be trusted!
A good one for you action goer's is Devil May Cry the anime basically the game in anime form pretty badass
And last but defiantly not least Gurren Lagann A very gritty anime also set in the future about giant robots very sci-fi but is good for any comedy/action/ sci-fi anime lover as well so go ahead an have a good time with that this is D0thack3r signing off.

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