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Sunday, February 27, 2011

!Music in the world!

As you all already know i am quite the eccentric and i am proud that i am!! But thats beside the point! because i am an eccentric (and maybe a little crazy) i am involved in a lot of crazy things. things like ,music , parkour ,and extreme sports[etc] So i would like to share my music with the world and help me share yours as i have many people other than my self that help me with this blog and other posts we all enjoy at least one of the many different genres of music~ie We are badasses~ so share your musical tastes with us and we'll share ours with you! and next time you go out looking for music use a music radio  and type in a musician it'll most likely come up with some bomb ass music that you will like....BUT if you are a fan of Justin Bieber or whatever the fuck his name is dont put any recommendations in towards me!!! i only do good music ask for D0thack3r or SaIIaS becasue those two are you say musically apt. Thanx for your time and remember the MISTUBACHI CLAN AING NUTTIN TO FUCK WIT!!!!!!~~ The World Ends With Me

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